Non-Diet Dietitians

Written By: Megan Miller, MS RD CD

What’s the difference?

When you think of the word dietitian, what is the first thought that comes to mind? The food police. Meal plans. Calorie counting. And the list goes on. Many people think of dietitians as the men and women who are going to tell them what to eat and when to do it. We assume dietitians will give us a detailed meal plan full of “healthy” foods that we’re allowed to eat.

But what if I told you there was another type of dietitian. The type of dietitian who wants to do everything in his/her power to help you break free from restrictive diets and meal plans. Non-diet or anti-diet dietitians are gaining traction in the nutrition world because we see food and nutrition in a new light. The goal of a non-diet dietitian should be to help you listen more to your body and less to the diet rules that surround us.

This non-diet dietitian movement has stemmed from countless dietitians watching their clients try diet after diet and then blaming themselves when the diet fails. Diets have a 95% failure rate, yet we still see healthcare professionals prescribing restrictive diets. Would you agree to take a blood pressure medication if you knew it would only work 5% of the time? This exact reason is one of the main factors that has led to non-diet dietitians. We were tired of watching our clients feel shame and guilt for a diet failing them. Instead, we work to empower men and women to break free from the food rules diet culture places on us and improve their relationship with food and body through sustainable health interventions.

Why should I see a non-diet dietitian?

Many times, the media misconstrues the message about non-diet dietitians. Non-diet does not mean anti-health, but rather the opposite. Below are just a few reasons to make an appointment with a non-diet dietitian.

  1. We will fully listen and work to understand your health and wellness concerns. Rather than basing our recommendations off one number, we will work alongside you to determine sustainable, health promoting steps to implement into your daily life.

  2. We can still provide medical nutrition therapy for a certain health condition without having to prescribe a restrictive meal plan or elimination diet. For instance, women with PCOS are usually told to eliminate whole food groups rather than working to determine what the root causes of their symptoms are. Non-diet dietitians can help people dealing with many different disease states from a weight-neutral, less restrictive approach.

  3. Lastly, as non-diet dietitians, we understand your health encompasses so many different things and that a diet is not a cure-all. During our sessions, we discuss all aspects of health from sleep quality to incorporating joyful movement. Your health is so much more than one number and your work with a dietitian should reflect that.

Here at Renovate Your Plate

The dietitians at Renovate Your Plate pride themselves in using a non-diet approach. We use a weight-neutral, intuitive eating philosophy to help many different types of clients from eating disorder recovery to medical nutrition therapy. If you have been searching for a non-diet dietitian, we would love to work with you and start your journey to healing your relationship with food and body. Let’s connect!



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